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Hibachi Dinner

Complete Hibachi Dinner Include: Miso Soup or Green Salad, Hibachi Vegetable and Hibachi Fried Rice

Hibachi Dinner

Hibachi Vegetable $13.95
Hibachi Chicken $17.95
Hibachi Steak $19.95
Hibachi Salmon $19.95
Hibachi Shrimp $19.95
Hibachi Scallop $19.95

Hibachi Combination Dinner Entrees

Hibachi Chicken and Salmon $20.95
Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp $20.95
Hibachi Chicken and Scallop $20.95
Hibachi Scallop and Shrimp $21.95
Hibachi Steak and Chicken $21.95
Hibachi Steak and Salmon $21.95
Hibachi Steak and Shrimp $21.95
Hibachi Steak and Scallop $21.95
Hibachi Steak, Shrimp & Chicken $26.95
Hibachi Seafood Deluxe
Salmon Shrimp and Scallop