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Kitchen Appetizer

Steamed or fried shrimp dumpling
Vegetable dumpling or pork dumpling
Harumaki (3)
Japanese Spring Roll. (vegetable only)
Steamed Japanese soy bean.
Broiled chicken and vegetable on skewers with special sauce
Beef Kushi Yaki
Chunks of beef steak and scallion on skewers with special sauce
Beef Negimaki (6Pcs.)
Rolled beef with scallion teriyaki sauce
Shrimp Tempura (4 Pcs)
Deep fried shrimp
Ika Kara Age (Fried Calamari)
Squid lightly deep fried in tempura batter and special favor
Soft Shell Crab Tempura
Deep fried soft shell crab and vegetable
Tatsuta Age
Deep fried chicken marinated in special sauce
Seafood Kushiyaki
Shrimp and scallops skewers, served with our special sauce
Vegetable Tempura $6.25
Tempura Appetizer
2 pcs shrimp and vegetable
Rock Shrimp
Tempura jumbo shrimp with spicy mayo and eel sauce
Fried Oreo Cookies (6) $3.75
Fried Chicken Wing (6) $6.75
Sweet Potato Tempura $5.25
Steamed Broccoli $5.25
Age Tofu $6.25